What We Do

Early and growth stage companies typically face a rush of priorities with too few hands on deck. The Crider Company provides nimble businesses with the guidance, expertise, and management skills they need to grow. The key is professionals with a broad range of expertise and flexibility to meet each company’s unique needs.

With our team you can…

  • Ramp up for a product launch without adding staff
  • Fill interim gaps in your management team
  • Provide a wider range of services by delegating projects
  • Access experienced marketing professionals to help launch new initiatives
  • Learn to tell a more compelling story to the investment community
  • Do more with less

The Crider Company is dedicated to the success of our clients, so we treat each business as one of our own. We keep the lines of communication open and expect to be measured by performance and output. We provide services in the following areas of expertise.

Fundraising & Financing

Many companies that are entering the fundraising environment for the first time come to realize that the time requirements of raising capital are eroding business performance. A skilled team with experience navigating the fundraising process can be a tremendous asset. We have expertise in all areas of investing, fundraising, and mergers and acquisitions. First impressions with investors are critical to success.

Services Provided:
  • Business Plans & Executive Summaries
  • Investor Presentations
  • Financial Models & Projection Development
  • Capital Raising Coaching
  • Due Diligence Preparation & Support
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis

Strategy & Business Development

The Crider Company designs and implements strategies to drive revenue and, ultimately, profitability. New product launches require a significant time commitment that can strain the resources of a growing business. These new initiatives often end up trapped behind everyday business needs, remaining strategic priorities that never move forward. Our client experience includes numerous projects where we have adapted existing products and services to solve new problems, reach new markets, and expand offerings to existing users.

Services Provided:

  • Business & Financial Strategy
  • Business Model Identification & Refinement
  • Launch & Go To Market Strategies
  • New Product & Service Launches
  • Business Development & Partnerships

Marketing & Customer Acquisition

Growing businesses face a major challenge with marketing.  Effective and affordable marketing strategies are critical to generate new business while retaining current customers.  Employing an in-house marketing staff with skill sets in all of the competencies necessary—online marketing, branding, PR, social media, product marketing, advertising, market research, etc.—and a director to provide strategy and oversight is often not an option.

Services Provided:
  • Marketing & Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Referral Marketing Programs
  • Website & E-Commerce Strategy, Design and Delivery
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing Program Management
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)

Operations Support

Senior executives within most small businesses and start-ups spend their days torn in different directions, wanting to work on the growth of their business but needing to concentrate on day-to-day operations. The problem is often accentuated by a lack of management-level resources, yet committing to these dedicated resources can be daunting for a business still unsure of its long-term needs.

Services Provided:
  • Interim Operations Support
  • Systems & Process Definition
  • Identification & Selection of Third-Party Resources
  • Advisory & Board Development

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